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Here’s why we’re different…

Stratevista is a women-led practice specialising in STEM. We have over 60+ years business expertise and a proven track record of success.

As women of mixed cultural heritage, we’ve thrived in STEM, traditionally lacking in diversity. Since our careers began in the early 90s, we’ve seen considerable change and gained a huge amount of experience navigating the ups and downs of life. It’s been colourful, exciting and challenging at times, both in our careers and personal lives, and we’re proud of our successes.

Know, Like, Trust

Get to know us. Learn first-hand why we’re different. Tap into our 60+ expertise in STEM and how we problem solve and bring stakeholders together.

Like us. We’re friendly, approachable, with a ‘can-do’ attitude. We’re proud of our Northern roots and down to earth.

Trust us. We’re a safe pair of hands. You can trust us to support you. We’re there to lean on, so you can free up time and energy to focus on your business goals.  

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Kathryn Stott, MD & Principal Consultant

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  • STEM
  • Business growth
  • Performance improvement
  • Strategy development
  • Systems trained; combining technology and emotional intelligence
  • Change communications
  • Internal communication & team engagement
  • Qualified ILM L7 coach and leadership mentor

Things you might not know about Kathryn

  • English, French, German and Italian speaker. Why communicate in one language when you can do it in 4!
  • During lockdown 2021, 29 ducklings hatched in her garden and were released back into the wild.
  • 32 years ago her car broke down on the M62 to Leeds and was forgiven for missing Seema’s wedding.

Seema Sharma, Director & Head of Strategy

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  • Performance improvement across STEM
  • Strategy development
  • Technology, governance, risk and assurance
  • Share service centres
  • Stakeholder management & engagement
  • Building cross-cultural teams
  • Change management
  • Systems trained; combining technology and emotional intelligence
  • Experienced leadership coach and mentor

Things you might not know about Seema

  • English, Punjabi and Hindi speaker… why stick to just one cuisine when you can hand-pick the best desserts from many!
  • Loves working with people from different cultures and crazy enough to travel from Beijing to London and then back out to Newark in a day.
  • In their final year at Uni together, Seema and Kathryn pulled an all-nighter to help a friend meet an important deadline!

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To find out how we can help, please contact us.